Monday, February 29, 2016

Lady Gaga is the Girl!

I was bawling my eyes out at Lady Gaga's appearance in the Oscars, wondering what was wrong with me.. until the camera panned to the audience and showed more than a few moist eyes. It was an exceptionally moving moment, least expected  when I decided to stream the event while I worked this morning.

Thank you Lady Gaga, for making the Oscars such an enriching experience with your performance. For channeling all that power, beauty, craziness & soul to speak up for sexual abuse, at a performance where nothing was forced, where the pain shone in your voice and in the eyes of the survivors who appeared with you.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cruelty and love

So I got hooked onto this groovy Sam Smith song- I'm not the only one, and was watching the video (I've linked at the end). Now I wouldn't say I'm a very sensitive/sentimental/cry-baby/whichever you call it kind of a person, but that last scene really shook me up..

It's the cruelest thing to fall in love,
cruel for the one who is falling, of course.
You're beyond all reason,
all reproach,
and you know what a damn fool you're being-
oh, you know-
and yet there is no other way.

You'll faithfully drag your heart
to get it broken
every damn time.
There is no way, really, to keep your love.
You can't buy your way into it,
can't love your way,
no wishing, praying,
It's the final frontier
and if you're lucky
it'll bring you down to your knees.
Oh, the cruelty..

Monday, December 29, 2014

Warm music

Do you remember the first Coldplay song you heard? For most people it is Speed of Sound.. I remember listening to it, wondering at the luminiscent beauty of it and the extremely random-sounding lyrics. "Birds come flying at the speed of sound.. from the underground"?? Just..what?? (I also remember celebrating the rebirth of U2's best signature sound here too, but that's a delicate topic and I'll drop it if you want to debate on it)

For me, their songs always have this way of conjuring up very vivid imagery. You'd assume that with a name like Coldplay it would be cold, but no, it's usually dark, star-lit nights, or green & yellow trees with golden sunlight lighting up dust as it streams down.. Does music do that to you too?

Anyway, I've covered The Scientist. But if you're not into guitar/vocals covers, you can see the band's official video here . Random fact: Chris Martin had to learn the lyrics in reverse to make the video possible :)

Yes, in case you noticed it, the second verse always seems to tear me up...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christian Bale ko weird movies kyun aate hain?

(The title is a play on an existing movie. Great for me if you get it. Kudos to you if you don't.)

Seriously though, have you ever seen Bale in any light-hearted movie? Or for that matter any movie which doesn't have grey & blue as the dominant colour palette? I was talking the other day to a friend, and said I'm watching a lot of movies lately. "What are you watching?," she asked. Not wanting to readily admit that I was intrigued by American Psycho, I told her, offhandedly, that it was a romantic comedy with Christian Bale.

Total silence. She saw through it immediately. There are no romantic comedies with him!

That's how dire you are, Christian!

Having not seen the trailers, I half expected Bale to star in Interstellar, because that's all I can associate with Christopher Nolan lately. After watching the movie I understood that simply wasn't possible. (Vague Spoiler Alert:) I mean, we would have given up hope for Earth in the movie the minute he would have appeared on the screen, no one can take tragedy away from him!

Meh, I'm bored. Half of me wants to photoshop comedy movie posters with his face. The other half reminds me that I don't know how to photoshop.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Fairies & elves

I look for magic and miracles.
Fairies and elves.
It's all there, if you look.
If you are brave enough to be crazy.
To know that all the logic in the world
will fall short of explaining
the important things.
What runs the world?
What runs love?
What runs you?

The unexplained is where I want to live.

Art by Milenkadelic

Friday, February 21, 2014


"Do what you want."
Should be so simple, no?
I have a friend who wants to travel the world. Simple as that. I envy the fact that he's so clear about what he wants, but I definitely don't envy the kind of self-doubt he's made to go through. What is life if you cannot live it the way you want?
We talk about this whenever we meet, and by talking I mean he just needs an ear to listen to him, and I happily provide him that. A lot of what he says sounds a lot like what I feel off and on and write down in verses in moments of quiet desperation. I'm kind of mortified over the repetition of woes everywhere, but also comforted by the fact that universally, it's the same old.

A dream
is a very fragile thing to protect.
No one else can see it,
but if they do suspect its presence,
they don't trust it all!
It's supposed to be toxic,
a nuisance,
a drain,
to be disposed off quickly.
But they don't see
that your very sanity
is inextricably tied to it.

Gautam, if you see this, I really think wanting to see the world is a beautiful dream.
For tenacity to pursue it, I suggest you take cues from the highly awesome old man in Up! ;)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back and forth to and fro back and forth...

I hate commuting.
We recently shifted house and I got a more-than-one-hour-commute now and I hate it.
I know I sound like an entitled snob saying that, and I feel like one too. I even tried looking at 21 Photos That Will Make You Grateful For Your Commute, but I'm still not feeling grateful. :( I just hate wasting all that time: when do I live?!

Since I'm too tired to punch pillows into submission when I reach home, I'm venting into my notebook. In free verse.
I remember telling a friend that free verse is for bozos too lazy to rhyme. Karma you bitch!

is the most devilish word alive
when you have something very important to do with your time,
and instead,
you are spending it
cooped up in a moving glass cage
awaiting your turn to be free
with dozens of others
who are awaiting theirs.
It's all with your consent, of course.
Or is it?
HOW could anyone
allow such a travesty
with their TIME?


What are you doing?
Twiddling your thumbs,
Twiddling your toes,
watching life go by
in bus rides & traffic jams
and regularised hours,
What are you doing?
You're waiting.
You've got your gadgets to distract you,
and people around you
may convince you
that waiting is the thing to do,
but sometimes,
when you stop enough,
to let your mind catch up with you,
you know,
that you're waiting.

I don't know for what.