Saturday, November 21, 2009

World's gonna end? Hope so.

It's amazing how cavalier our reaction is to something so immediate and damning as environmental destruction. And as much as 2012 might be.. urr.. ahem.. a little over the top, it is again a reminder of what awaits us (sort of). And since nothing is going to stop that from happenning to us (unless Obama, Wen and others get a true brainwave), I did some thinking around as to how the world might end..

Whispers had abounded far and wide
For years about an impending divide,
That’ll end the world as we knew,
And pave way for a dawn new.
That we were greedy beyond our means,
Was a given fact, to all it seemed,
But while some hurried to right the wrongs,
Others grimaced, and carried on.

It was exactly this, that became our undoing.

For the wrongs were too many,
Efforts too less,
To stop Nature’s fury,
And clear the mess.
The judgment came in the tiniest way-
A virus which was starting to make
Millions everywhere morose and weak,
Whether woman or man, poor or rich.
It struck anyone, without reason or rhyme,
Choosing its victims scores at a time.
Scientists were baffled, confused, defeated,
“It is invincible!”- they all conceded.
For the virus was, our own creation,
Born from our filth and our pollution.
This phantom, leaving no trace behind,
Delivered the blow of the worst kind,
People fell at its feet by thousands,
Those left behind prayed to the heavens.
Yet in all this confusion and melee,
Some enlightened souls could see,
We had no choice, it was too late-
Disregard for nature had sealed our fate.
Now, in this quiet, as God’s creatures
Live together in peace under the sun,
He revels in the peace and calm,
Relieved, justice is finally done.

Haven't named it yet. But 2012 sounds good, if not hopeful.