Saturday, December 28, 2013

Back and forth to and fro back and forth...

I hate commuting.
We recently shifted house and I got a more-than-one-hour-commute now and I hate it.
I know I sound like an entitled snob saying that, and I feel like one too. I even tried looking at 21 Photos That Will Make You Grateful For Your Commute, but I'm still not feeling grateful. :( I just hate wasting all that time: when do I live?!

Since I'm too tired to punch pillows into submission when I reach home, I'm venting into my notebook. In free verse.
I remember telling a friend that free verse is for bozos too lazy to rhyme. Karma you bitch!

is the most devilish word alive
when you have something very important to do with your time,
and instead,
you are spending it
cooped up in a moving glass cage
awaiting your turn to be free
with dozens of others
who are awaiting theirs.
It's all with your consent, of course.
Or is it?
HOW could anyone
allow such a travesty
with their TIME?


What are you doing?
Twiddling your thumbs,
Twiddling your toes,
watching life go by
in bus rides & traffic jams
and regularised hours,
What are you doing?
You're waiting.
You've got your gadgets to distract you,
and people around you
may convince you
that waiting is the thing to do,
but sometimes,
when you stop enough,
to let your mind catch up with you,
you know,
that you're waiting.

I don't know for what.