Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tell me.

So I need your help with this survey that I'm doing that will help unearth new information on how monkeys interact under pressure in urban settings.


How do you navigate your emotions? Do you keep a constant watch on them to make sure they vary only to the extent of +/- 10% from a fixed mean, and by mean I mean (See what I did there? Right.) a neutral, slightly happy state? No overwhelming joys and heart-wrenching lows?

Or do you just let it be, watch your spirits get buoyed to enormous heights by the littlest of things, only to watch them come crashing down till they make a big hole in your heart? And when that happens, what do you do to appear normal/not bat-shit crazy?

Do you assess your surroundings and change accordingly? Maybe you have an office mode and a Turbo mode just for friends?

Don't say you find a balance. You can't. If I had to hear that I'd watch some religious channel with a man in turbans telling me how to live.

As I said, I need all this information to assess the environmental impact a blue sky might have on the equator of the earth.

As your prize for answering all that, you get to listen to some awesome stuff. You don't need to understand the language. Go get your earphones, quick!