Friday, February 21, 2014


"Do what you want."
Should be so simple, no?
I have a friend who wants to travel the world. Simple as that. I envy the fact that he's so clear about what he wants, but I definitely don't envy the kind of self-doubt he's made to go through. What is life if you cannot live it the way you want?
We talk about this whenever we meet, and by talking I mean he just needs an ear to listen to him, and I happily provide him that. A lot of what he says sounds a lot like what I feel off and on and write down in verses in moments of quiet desperation. I'm kind of mortified over the repetition of woes everywhere, but also comforted by the fact that universally, it's the same old.

A dream
is a very fragile thing to protect.
No one else can see it,
but if they do suspect its presence,
they don't trust it all!
It's supposed to be toxic,
a nuisance,
a drain,
to be disposed off quickly.
But they don't see
that your very sanity
is inextricably tied to it.

Gautam, if you see this, I really think wanting to see the world is a beautiful dream.
For tenacity to pursue it, I suggest you take cues from the highly awesome old man in Up! ;)