Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cruelty and love

So I got hooked onto this groovy Sam Smith song- I'm not the only one, and was watching the video (I've linked at the end). Now I wouldn't say I'm a very sensitive/sentimental/cry-baby/whichever you call it kind of a person, but that last scene really shook me up..

It's the cruelest thing to fall in love,
cruel for the one who is falling, of course.
You're beyond all reason,
all reproach,
and you know what a damn fool you're being-
oh, you know-
and yet there is no other way.

You'll faithfully drag your heart
to get it broken
every damn time.
There is no way, really, to keep your love.
You can't buy your way into it,
can't love your way,
no wishing, praying,
It's the final frontier
and if you're lucky
it'll bring you down to your knees.
Oh, the cruelty..