Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Calamity Jane

So my injured lower back and a nasty bout of flu have been followed by an ear infection. Apparently, the powers that be don't want me to endanger other species by cycling, swimming or just stepping out of the house. My father has a very satisfied grin on his face whenever he's around me now, I've taken my moniker of Calamity Jane (given by him, of course) to new heights. (The ear infection is particularly useful in some situations: I can't hear much now, and this silence would have been pure bliss if not for the pain.)

This carnival of maladies sounds impressive to no one except me. 3 nasty pains < 1 big, serious illness which can justify a leave from office. So I've been spending quality time with the pantry in our office, my eyes endlessly inundated by NDTV News on the TV. And it was here that I discovered that I have a partner in pain: Indian sports!

One after another, the various federations that make up Indian sports have been falling to the great affliction called Corruption. It's just as well. It seems a blitzkreig of derecognitions/suspensions will do what years of limping along couldn't do for our sports: get it some attention. People say this derecognition-virus going around will purge all the federations, and fix Indian sports.

Umm.. will my various afflictions purge me too?

Fix me?

What if I don't want to be fixed?  

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Song In Head #5

What happens when a congenital hatred of pencil-drawn moustaches, over-the-board theatrics, heroes with too much lipstick, heroines who sound like when you fast-forward a song while playing it and over-sized striped underpants overshadows you very existence? You depend on the absent-minded changing of TV channels by your father to discover gems like this:

I only understand enough Tamil to know that the chorus means something to the effect of "Vishwanathan, unemployed." How awesome is that? What a pity that I didn't know of this very novel idea of dancing for work before going for my job interviews.

The dance reminds me of another awesome number, albeit in Hindi:

Needless to say, Indian awesomeness like this had to be discovered by me in the same way people of my generation suddenly find things like yoga "in": through the Americans!

A friend had sent me a link to this ad some time ago. Frantic searches on Google yielded the name of this spunky number, which promptly got added to my all-time-favs playlist.

God bless America! ;)