Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Song In Head #2

This one's a no-brainer. Thanks to the riff, the song followed me around for weeks the first time I heard it, not letting go even in my sleep: Cobain's nasally voice kept playing like a soundtrack to all my dreams.

Nirvana's version, of course, is a cover of this song:

But I like the cover better. With a core as earnest as that, who asked Bowie to jazz the song up so much?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chasing inspiration

I really believe in this:

But the songs I write come of their own volition. And I am really jealous of people who can write/sing/paint about anything you ask them to: the ones who’re inspired inside out.

So Ruhani is running a month-long correctional facility for creatively-impaired people like me, where she puts up something every day to inspire you, to make you reach for your pen/guitar/paintbrush. Today’s inspiration was this:

It being on Harry Potter, it was my moral duty to come up with something. So here’s my song(let):


Empty spaces
empty words
may mock me, may overwhelm me.

Time may stand still
and the tears
may flow on, even forget me.

And the moments
may be lost
but I know,
oh I know that
you won't leave me for as long as I love you
and I have to just look and you'll be there where I left you.

Thanks Ruhani for reminding me why I started singing in the first place: because I love it!