Sunday, June 08, 2008

Toothpaste Gyaan

Here's some highly classified info, capable of changing the very essence of your mornings..

Research has shown that buying a smaller sized toothpaste tube might be more feasible than the normal family-sized packs we usually buy. A big tube also has a bigger opening, which means more toothpaste comes out in each squeeze, as compared to smaller packs with smaller openings. Thus, while it might seem you are saving by buying double the quantity at a discounted amount, in reality it might not be worth it.

Awesome, eh?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jamshedpur Chainsaw Massacre

Wow. There is market for slasher flicks in India.

And I don't mean Bollywood b-graders which show the killer's hand with a knife in the foreground and a whimpering victim in focus, and then cut to the killer's face sprayed with blood. I mean hardcore, gut-wrenching movies, showing beyond multiplex theatres filled with teenagers.

Manish suddenly announced today at lunchtime in the office that he had loaded a really cool movie in his N73, and I had to check it out. Of course it was called Wrong Turn 2. I sensed the obvious and declined the chance to throw up my dal-roti. But my warnings to the others only made them more curious. Fools, I thought.

But no, no one insisted on the movie being stopped- within 5 minutes Manish's phone was the cynosure of all eyes, including our Marathi-speaking peon. Only yours truly was trying hard to ignore the splash-gush-splurge sounds from the phone by turning her i-Pod the loudest she could.

No after-effects or curdpools after half an hour of the film. Only this from the peon: " Chi-chi.. as if Bush wasn't enough, they have such freaks in Amreeca. "