Monday, December 29, 2014

Warm music

Do you remember the first Coldplay song you heard? For most people it is Speed of Sound.. I remember listening to it, wondering at the luminiscent beauty of it and the extremely random-sounding lyrics. "Birds come flying at the speed of sound.. from the underground"?? Just..what?? (I also remember celebrating the rebirth of U2's best signature sound here too, but that's a delicate topic and I'll drop it if you want to debate on it)

For me, their songs always have this way of conjuring up very vivid imagery. You'd assume that with a name like Coldplay it would be cold, but no, it's usually dark, star-lit nights, or green & yellow trees with golden sunlight lighting up dust as it streams down.. Does music do that to you too?

Anyway, I've covered The Scientist. But if you're not into guitar/vocals covers, you can see the band's official video here . Random fact: Chris Martin had to learn the lyrics in reverse to make the video possible :)

Yes, in case you noticed it, the second verse always seems to tear me up...