Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Humour & I...

...go back a long way. We are the long-lost siblings, separated at a Kumbh mela many years ago. That's why the first song that I am really proud of (meaning I don't wince when someone listens to it in my presence) is this:

This has nothing to do with the current state of my hair. I have had no problem in that department thanks to my parents' genes. The only care I take for my hair is letting them be, with just a trim here & there. They flourish best when no hair products are hoisted on to them.

But recently, this indifference was broken by a slyly crafted shampoo/conditioner ad (I don't know what it was), which convinced me that my hair wasn't "long, beautiful, shiny" enough, and the only way I could get the said attributes was by buying the product.

This song came to me while I was standing in the mall, staring at rows upon rows of "hair stuff", wondering what exactly I was doing there.

And I didn't buy anything.