Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Re-public Day

Today, while riding on the bus back home (in a state of deep shallow stupor) I suddenly remembered: Holy schmoly, it’s Republic Day tomorrow (yes, I think in terms of holy-schmoly too). Immensely satisfied with this piece of remembrance (not totally unaffected by the fact that it meant a holiday), my eyes, for some unfathomable reason, began a scrutiny of all my co-passengers.

-         The (probably) newlywed Marathi couple, with the man pointing out landmarks  from the bus window to his wife.
-         The 3 college girls sitting on a seat meant for two, chattering away to eternity,
-         The poor labourer-couple, for some reason swathed in clothes exceeding the demands of the climate, quiet throughout the journey
-         The conductor, seemingly suffering from a split personality disorder- he kept oscillating from a jovial “chalo tikkat - lal-peeli-khatti-meethi” (he equates the tickets with children’s candies) to an angry/aggressive “Agad khasso ne!” (Keep moving forward, people!)
-         The twin girls hanging on to their mom’s dupatta- the mom is super-vexed she can’t find a place to sit, while the twins are clearly enjoying dancing all over the place every time the bus stops or starts
-         No old people were standing today- had people been offering seats while I was- er- catching my forty winks? (I mean to imply nothing, but every time I’ve seen someone offering a seat to an elderly person, it has always been a girl, myself included)
-         The Gujarati mega-clan- some sitting and some standing- cracking jokes with each other and smiling at everyone in general
-         The gaggle of school kids, trying to confuse the conductor and trick him into taking less money from them.

Yes, I’d rather take a bus than hire a rick or *shudder* ride a vehicle any day. It saves the environment too.

Still can’t think how the above observations are related to Republic Day.

Happy Republic Day!