Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jamshedpur Chainsaw Massacre

Wow. There is market for slasher flicks in India.

And I don't mean Bollywood b-graders which show the killer's hand with a knife in the foreground and a whimpering victim in focus, and then cut to the killer's face sprayed with blood. I mean hardcore, gut-wrenching movies, showing beyond multiplex theatres filled with teenagers.

Manish suddenly announced today at lunchtime in the office that he had loaded a really cool movie in his N73, and I had to check it out. Of course it was called Wrong Turn 2. I sensed the obvious and declined the chance to throw up my dal-roti. But my warnings to the others only made them more curious. Fools, I thought.

But no, no one insisted on the movie being stopped- within 5 minutes Manish's phone was the cynosure of all eyes, including our Marathi-speaking peon. Only yours truly was trying hard to ignore the splash-gush-splurge sounds from the phone by turning her i-Pod the loudest she could.

No after-effects or curdpools after half an hour of the film. Only this from the peon: " Chi-chi.. as if Bush wasn't enough, they have such freaks in Amreeca. "

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