Monday, December 22, 2008

Your little christmas thriller..

Guess what I came across as I flipped through channels on a particularly boring Sunday evening? 1920- that flick made by someone, starring someone, which was screened in only a few some-some theatres, resulting in me never having heard of it. But surprise surprise!

The film is the same old thriller- a newly wed couple comes to a palatial home, to live in it and eventually break it and build a hotel. But there is something very strange and mysterious about the place- two previous owners have died under questionable circumstances (plus, it gives you the creeps!).

The movie gets its name from the fact that it is set in India during that period. Nice camera-work on present-day England to pass it off as India of that time. The film has everything that a film of this genre should have- sprawling and lonely mansion, isolation, bleak surroundings, maximum night-time scenes, (a weakish plot), but also something more. Granted that the exorcism part may hint it's a rip-off from the many Hollywood flicks of the genre, but what the heck, its a good watch, and WILL give you the goosebumps when you got to bed after watching it.

Merry Christmas folks!

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