Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poor Humpty.

Uhh, okay. One of those days when I log in unthinkingly and what follows is.. *shifts feet and looks around, not knowing what to do*
So I ruminate a lot, and throw up whatever I can.

Humpty Dumpty sat on wall,
He wanted to see the world,
His wish that was all.
In the big wide world
he could see beyond,
He wanted to make something
and call it his own.
But all the King's horsemen
would not let this be,
In a kingdom like this
nobody should dream.
They tugged him and pulled him,
down the wall, through the dirt,
His head started to swim
they gave a nod curt.
Poor Humpty was dismayed-
he was broken into pieces!
He raised his head to wail,
But suddenly he could see clear,
Through his tears-
The horsemen were broken too!
And so in his 'pieceful' kingdom
forever the King ruled.

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