Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A billion hopes..

Wrote this a long time ago, a friend needed help with lyrics for his song..

I hear them all
Deciding where I’m gonna go
Nobody knows it yet
But I’ve made my own road
I’ve heard this world is not
The best place to dream
But I’ll go right ahead
And make them all see.

A billion hopes and
A billion dreams
Everyday I wanna see
How far I can reach.

When the nights are so dark
You don’t know what to do
I can still see the stars
And know I’ll see it through
I won’t close my eyes
To what I can really be
Just ‘cause it’s a high climb
And the fall is really deep
‘Cause when I dream, I dream
It’s the best time of my life
No one to hold me back
I can just soar and fly.

*Picture from baloch1 on pixdaus


  1. happy to know i am not the only one who dares to dream!

    loved the poem. the meaning behind it. the easy going words, the smoothest flow!

    go go reva!