Sunday, April 08, 2012


"And one more thing, don't bother wasting money on learning music until you have an open heart.."

First thought: Yeah right! No one asked for your freakin' pearls of wisdom, mister!
After two seconds: DON'T text him that, not good to piss off a musician that good. Try a polite comeback..
Thought running (unacknowledged & pointedly ignored) in the background through all of this: How the hell did he know that this is exactly what I needed to hear?

Not that I've always consciously decided to be wary of emotions, looking for a point to everything I do. But I've felt, for quite some time, a kind of bankruptcy in my heart. Embarrassed of anything too emotional. Happiness, I welcome. But anything remotely dark, I hide behind humour.

Of course, this grand realisation came after he forced me to introspect. Yup, having feelings means they might get hurt, but happiness feels all the better after that. And songs without passion sound quite.. hollow.

So here's something I tried. It's quite personal, but I've learnt that people connect in the strangest ways to such things. Just an acoustic demo, until a drummer and 2 guitarists pity me.. ;)


A thousand words,
and a few more steps
on a journey to find me.

People will smile,
make me forget my lines,
that there's someone beside me.

Why is it so tough
to force my pen 
to say what I do really feel?

All that time I was
learning how to be smart
should I make it all leave me?

Do I know
if there is anywhere to go?

And I won't look back on the road which follows me.
And I am ready for the song which frees me.


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  2. That was a damn neat attempt!! Bring on more!!

    1. Awwee.. I've not met any other, but I'm pretty sure you're the kindest lion ever! :D

  3. This was, I mean it. Yeah, it's a bit raw..the edges need smoothening, but hell, rome wasn't built in a day and all that crap..

    This was good!

    pssst..I sing too, so I can tell. :)

  4. Very nice. Its probably not the dream, but you may want to start hawking your wares to jingle writers - a friend of mine got a few gigs that way.

    1. Thank you! And I keep wanting to better my craft before "hawking my wares" (giggle), but you're right, I will try trying that. :\

  5. I like your thoughts here...I think it applied to anything in life. If we don't have an open heart, how can we see and hear beyond us?

  6. The quote blew my mind. It makes all the sense in the world!
    I sing too and I realised that I took quite a while to get back to singing cos I didn't have a open heart :)
    and you have a beautiful voice!

    Ps: Thanks a ton for the comments on my blog.
    Im sry I took so long to visit you :P

    1. It sure does. Wish I'd heard it sugar-coated, though. :\ Keep singing, you. An open heart begs for it! :)

      And thank you! ^_^

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