Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doodly woodly woosh.

No, I'm not relinquishing you blog, no sir. I just followed too many people and got scared of opening my account for fear of getting drowned in the information overload. So makeup-and-beauty-blogs & diy-blogs & health-blogs & all other blogs which I thought I should follow but don't care 25-paise about: out you go! Problem: fixed. Almost.

See, I haven't thought about you in a while. So I don't have anything to post here. Except things I doodled in my notebook to keep from sleeping during this seminar I had. I'm sorry, this is just to kick me out of my laziness and think of something awesome-ish to post here. For you, mon blog.

Nin ja bunkum
Finn for a bum.
Dean of nowhere
Income feels your head.
Scene of your life
Sin in your lies.
Fill your right.
Beat your wife.
Swing from the game,
Kneel from your name.
Thames on your mind,
Feel for your kind.
Drink as you dine.
Sixes to your nines.
See if you're fine.
Slight to your soul.
Bread on your mould.
Bugs in your fold.
What makes you bold?
What makes you cold?
Why are you old?
Kill in your poles.
Small, sweet, light.
Fancy in your flight.
Pink damp night,
Buns in your tights.
Fit for your fight.
Punch in your bite.
Writing in spite.

*You, who actually come here of your own volition, please give me a virtual slap and ask me to drop my mood right this minute.*


  1. Revacious,

    Nice to see you back after a gap. LOL on this interesting composition which rhymes so well. Keep writing.

    Take care

  2. Rhyming or not, I am genuinely mind fucked by your composition. Seems like this one's for yourself. (for you, mon blog)

    1. Nice to hear that, cmus.. I'd be loathe to admit it, but though I start with nonsense, the lines slowly start making sense.
      I'm happy that your mind got fucked too. :P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    That was some bat-shit crazy writing Rev.