Friday, November 22, 2013

Imma be.. a pirate.

I had decided to be fierce, resourceful. I would be the last one standing in a zombie apocalypse, and the movie would be all about how I made it. Except, real life isn't like that, almost everyone is standing till the end, so they only make movies on the people who went ahead & fell down. (And got up, but that's another story..)

About what we I talked- about what I came to know, what you let on as if you already knew- I knew it, deep down. Turns out, fear- inherent, deep and reinforced through the years due to a pathetic need for validation from others- VALIDATION??? FROM OTHERS? FUCK THEM ALL! THEY CAN'T EVEN MAKE OUT WHAT THE HELL I'M TALKING ABOUT! FUCK 'EM!!

So yeah, meeting & then leaving too many times kinda does this to one, maybe. (Umm, everybody leaves too. I'm still scared.)

But all those people, all that sound.. are not gonna count. I'm a weird gypsy-in-my-head. Everything I stand for today, I'm gonna hate tomorrow. So why bother?

You're cool, awesome. Everything you put your mind to, is worth doing. There are people already out there, doing what you want to do. Stop with the jealousy- what's stopping you? Everything you think is a good idea, it only adds to you, increases your awesomeness.

*Cue- rousing chorus, preferably pirate-sy*

The cherished people who drop by here (thanks for the note,phatichar : nothing like a message from a horror story writer to warm the cuckolds of your heart ;)): I'm hoping you managed to wade through the above rant and reach here. I've not been ultra-busy, I've just been trying to stop anything I do out of a sense of obligation. The blog seemed to be one of those things. But it's been  months now, I still miss this here place. I do love this space, and anyone else who likes this is awesome! ;)
Anything I think is worth posting gets posted, now on. I love this too much to start hating it.


  1. zombie apocalypse? last man standing? call me once that happens. xD

    para 2: respect. u accepted it. :)

    the rest, well u know what m gonna say. but u posted and thats whats important :P

    1. Thank you babaji! ;) Yours is the one validation I don't mind ^_^
      And of course I'll tell u when the zombie apocalypse happens. We'll be the ones to save humanity everywhere from doom! 8)

  2. Replies
    1. Chawalboy!
      Yeah, sorry, I know..

  3. Really liked that punch line in the end... I love this too much to start hating it....I guess I would jot that down in my quote copy with your name beside it.....

    Btw, welcome back after your year-long hiatus. And do me a favour please. Add this widget called "Follow by email". That way, I would be happily able to stalk you

    1. Thanks Ritesh! Oh my god, my own quote.. *tears of joy*

      And I added the widget. Beats me why I didn't have it before. I have a lot to thank you for, it seems.. :)

  4. I have added the quote...You're now immortalized in my shelf :P

    And thanks for the widget...stalking you now