Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chasing inspiration

I really believe in this:

But the songs I write come of their own volition. And I am really jealous of people who can write/sing/paint about anything you ask them to: the ones who’re inspired inside out.

So Ruhani is running a month-long correctional facility for creatively-impaired people like me, where she puts up something every day to inspire you, to make you reach for your pen/guitar/paintbrush. Today’s inspiration was this:

It being on Harry Potter, it was my moral duty to come up with something. So here’s my song(let):


Empty spaces
empty words
may mock me, may overwhelm me.

Time may stand still
and the tears
may flow on, even forget me.

And the moments
may be lost
but I know,
oh I know that
you won't leave me for as long as I love you
and I have to just look and you'll be there where I left you.

Thanks Ruhani for reminding me why I started singing in the first place: because I love it!


  1. This was wonderful! :)
    Oh and I'm glad I could be of any help! :) Love <3

  2. moral obligation...naiice :)
    and i love the song.....
    Damn, i tried to write songs for a band too...failed at it, this was really good.
    Brilliant. :)

    1. Well, I finished book 7 and the books after that in 2 days each, so yes, HP & I have had some wonderful times together..
      And oye, maybe we should try writing songs together eh? =)

  3. damn i can never just write on a given topic. it helps start things off, but then it just spins off into some alien territory.
    my speakers are out, but will be back to check out your song!

    1. You do that! :)
      And it's kinda important to be able to get inspired on demand, unless you're "doing it for your soul" or are already a rockstar/writer with millions in the bank, eh? :\

  4. i felt the song was going very well and ended rather abruptly, i took the liberty of finishing the other half. hope you like it.Nice voice btw. :)

    People moving,
    People stay,
    And you'll be waiting
    at the end of the day.

    I will fight them,
    Not rush through
    Because I know that
    I’ll be seeing you.

    And the moments
    That we lost,
    But I know,
    Oh I know that
    I wont let you go before i fight for you,
    And I know that my conscience sleeps true.

    1. Whoa. You took it in a slightly different direction, it's better than what I wrote. I would have completed the song, but I had to come up with & record it within the day.. now I'm glad I didn't :)